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Spray Gaśniczy iBlockFIRE Military

Spray Gaśniczy iBlockFIRE Military

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Advantages of iBlockFIRE

iBlockFIRE Military is the world's first 100% biodegradable fire extinguishing spray , which, thanks to its unique properties and small size, can be used as a handy fire extinguisher dedicated to special services . Perfect for operations involving fires both indoors and outdoors . Fire efficiency of 5 categories and combined with the innovative iBlockCARE formula , which is friendly to human skin, create a product with a wide range of applications. Our fire extinguishing spray can be used many times (until the bottle is empty), and its simple operation means that even in the most stressful situations there will be no problem with its use.

Destiny :

  • uniformed services (police, fire brigade, security, army) ,
  • survivalists,
  • bushcraft,
  • camping

It is dedicated to extinguishing fire groups: A, B, C, F and devices under voltage up to 1000V .

Completely safe for humans and completely harmless to the environment .

An innovative formula of gel foam that settles on the extinguished surfaces without damaging them.

The range of up to 8 meters allows you to stay safe and extinguish hard-to-reach places.

For use by professionals , but also amateurs during camps, camps and survival expeditions.

Fire efficiency of up to 5 categories!

Fire groups A, B, C, F, electrical equipment and electron. up to 1000 V

Our fire extinguishing spray is dedicated to extinguishing up to 5 fire groups , which gives it a wide range of applications and use in every area of ​​life . Thanks to this, you no longer need several products, separately dedicated to each fire class. This is extremely important in a crisis situation when, instead of focusing on putting out the fire, you will be wondering which product to use right now. One product - iBlockFIRE spray allows use in the following groups:

A - Wood, paper, rubber and others.

B -Gasoline, crude oil, tar, polyethylene and their derivatives.

C - Propane, propane-butane, gas vapors. Extinguish to a pressure of 1 bar.

F - Vegetable oils, animal fats. Use with min. 2 m.

Electrical and electronic devices up to 1000 V. Use with min. 1 m.

Application and purpose of iBlockFIRE Military:

Place of application - military

  • Outdoors - during outdoor firefighting activities or during a patrol in the forest or field (especially uniformed services)
  • When camping or bushcraft , the spray should be included in the equipment of every survivalist who decides to go on an expedition
  • While staying overnight in the forest during the camp

Efficacy confirmed.

CNBOP certificatePZH certificate

iBlockFIRE spray has been subjected to many tests , which confirmed its effectiveness and safety. Thanks to this, it is intended for virtually every sector and place where there is a possibility of fire. The spray has been certified by the most important certifying institution in the fire protection industry , CNBOP-PIB , and has therefore been approved in accordance with the PN-EN 3-7 standard.

It can be used both by professionals (army, fire protection industry, all uniformed services) and by amateurs during bushcraft or camping trips . iBlockFire Military is equivalent to the effectiveness of a 2kg powder fire extinguisher, having a smaller size and multiple uses , which is why it is perfect as equipment for every survivalist.

FastACCESS technology - ability to use the spray with one hand!

how quickly you can unsecure iBlockFIRE

During a fire, the speed of our reaction is extremely crucial because the fire can spread instantly, so in such a situation we cannot waste time on unblocking the fire extinguisher for a long time. This is where the FastACCESS technology comes in handy - it is used in the construction of the cork and allows it to be quickly removed with one hand. This is extremely useful when the other hand is occupied, e.g. holding a gun.

Ecological and completely biodegradable.

Advantages of iBlockFIRE

The iBlockCARE technology is the content of the spray bottle, which makes it ecological and completely biodegradable . The spray formula is in the form of gel and foam , which is different from the filling of traditional fire extinguishers. The gel consistency of the product ensures environmental safety, does not damage the extinguished surface or leaves any traces , and can be used on people without causing additional injuries (unlike classic fire extinguishers).

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions 6.6 cm. x 29 cm.

  1. iBlockFire Military fire extinguishing spray
  2. 100% Biodegradable
  3. Product dimensions : 6.6 x 29 cm
  4. Range : up to 8m
  5. Extinguishing time : up to 30 sec without interruption
  6. Shelf life : 3 years from the date of purchase
  7. Reusable : Yes
  8. Place of production : Poland
  9. Fire efficiency : 5 categories:
  • A - wood, paper, rubber and others
  • B - Acetone, gasoline, petroleum, tar, polyethylene and their derivatives
  • C - propane, propane-butane, gas vapors
  • F - vegetable oils, animal fats
  • Electrical and electronic devices up to 1000 V
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