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    Efficacy confirmed by CNBOP-PIB EN 3-7

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Korek sprayu gaśniczego iBlockFIRE

Łatwe użycie


iBlockFIRE is designed for simple and quick use, which is why we created the FastACCESS technology. See how simple it is

Spraye Gaśnicze iBlockFIRE na tle natury

#1 na rynku


iBlockFIRE is 100% Biodegradable and Ecological. The fact that it is safe for the environment is not the only advantage of ecology. iBlockFIRE is the only extinguishing agent that can be safely used on people.

Porównanie Gaśnic i Sprayu Gaśniczego iBlockFIRE

5 grup 1 urządzenie


Effective in as many as 5 fire groups: A, B, C, F and devices electric and electron. up to 1000 V. Regardless of the type of fire, just do it